What you will learn with this Book

  • Developing self-awareness for greater leadership
  • Creating high employee and team engagement
  • Enlisting the power of possibility to create positive change
  • Planning with passion
  • Leading from the heart
  • Enhancing authenticity and transparency in all levels of leadership
As the Chief Heartrepreneur™ at www.heartrepreneur.com and co-founder of Business Consultant Institute, I believe leaders must shift to inspiring people and to caring about people with their heart. Ignite Your Leadership is a practical read for leaders who want to be more effective and grow their organizations.
Ignite Your Leadership is a must-read book to take your personal leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership to a much higher level. What Jack Canfield did in Chicken Soup for the Soul to inspire and engage, Neel Raman, and his co-authors do for emerging leaders in Ignite your Leadership. The components of leadership are explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms, and the book provides practical examples you can easily apply, in real-time.
Teresa de Grosbois
- Teresa de Grosbois

#1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council
Ignite Your Leadership is a diverse, but satisfyingly coherent set of useful ideas, concepts, tools, and tips from a range of experienced professionals who are clearly passionate about and highly skilled at what they do. A book generous in its stories, anecdotes, and practical examples by enthusiastic authors wanting to be of help and service to leaders everywhere. Ignite is a testament to what can be achieved when committed people join together to do something worthwhile.
Andrew Simon
- Andrew Simon

M.Ed, B.Ed. Founding Director and CEO YE Performance Architects, Canberra, Australia Member of the Board of the International Leadership Association

Representing the global face of leadership, eleven international leadership experts––Kathy Sparrow, Neel Raman, Pete Winiarski, Nathalie Osborn, Sergio Sedas, Jane Ransom, Jaroslav Průša, Sally Dooley, Amina Makhdoom, Connie Whitesell, and Lynden Kidd––who met at Jack Canfield’s advances trainings, have teamed together to build a platform of inspiration and wisdom to ignite leadership teams in organizations from start-up entrepreneurial operations to multi-million dollar corporations.

Kathy Sparrow

Kathy Sparrow is a self-leadership expert, message strategist, award-winning author, speaker, and university professor. She assists individuals in embracing change and expressing themselves with confidence, awareness, and courage, using the tools of writing, fly fishing, and intentional conversation. www.kathysparrow.com

Pete Winiarski

Pete Winiarski, is founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC, a consulting and coaching business that helps business leaders transform their results. He is also the co-founder of the Business Consultant Institute. www.winenterprisesllc.com

Nathalie Osborn

Nathalie Osborn, founder of Fun Energy Now, is an executive coach and consultant. She is a natural energizer with a passion for inspiring efficiency, productivity, profitability and teamwork. www.FunEnergyNow.com

Dr. Sergio Sedas

Dr. Sergio Sedas is CEO of Solution Center Group and professor at the EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey. For over twenty-five years, he has developed innovative industrial robotic and vision systems for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. www.sergiosedas.com

Neel Raman

Neel Raman is a leading authority on the topics of high performance, personal leadership, workplace training and development, and business coaching. Neel has helped leaders and organizations increase performance, productivity, and profits. www.neelraman.com

Sally Dooley

Sally Dooley is a highly engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. She is especially passionate about helping women leaders identify and breakthrough their individual barriers so they can lead with excellence and reach their highest potential. www.sallydooly.com

Jaroslav Průša

Jaroslav Průša is an executive coach with over thirty years of business, managerial, and coaching experience in the environment of global corporations. His fundamentally new approach to leadership and leadership development has become a foundation for several original transformational programs. www.jaroslavprusa.cz

Jane Ransom

Jane Ransom is an international speaker, trainer, coach, and author, who combines true storytelling with science-based strategies to create measurable change. She helps clients to energize their personal and professional relationships, and to get their own lives on track. www.janeransom.com

Amina Makhdoom

Amina Makhdoom is a management consultant whose background in corporate America, combined with her extensive training in human potential, allows her to deliver cutting-edge information in a manner that resonates clearly with business audiences. www.askamina.com

Connie Whitesell

Connie Whitesell, owner of Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching, is all about helping current and soon-to-be small business owners take those brilliant, but often scattered, business ideas and streamline them into plans, systems, and habits that create immediate and long-term success. www.ScatteredtoStreamlined.com

Lynden Kidd

Lynden Kidd is an Executive Career Strategist and Career Coach, and CEO of the healthcare/engineering recruiting firm, Next Iteration. Her work supports entrepreneurial ventures, as well as small business owners, to develop smart talent management skills so that they can keep more of their best people doing good, while doing good for their company. www.lyndenkidd.com